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André Simard grew up in Abitibi, Québec, Canada. After completing a collegial diploma in graphic design at Collège du Vieux-Montréal in 1978, he worked for a newspaper and a printing company. In 1980, he established his very own design studio. For three decades, he demonstrated a particular concern to find the right font for every design project. Seeking to strike a fine balance between design and typography, he ventured a few years ago into the very specialized niche of font design.

His vast experience and knowledge of graphic design served as a basis to launch his first font: ITC Migration Sans. Since then, Simard has created four other families of font, including Goosebreak a Canadian syllabic Aboriginal typeface. Each one very different from the other, yet sharing one common feature: legibility and efficiency in very small formats.

André Simard is passionate about typographic creation. He demonstrates a genuine concern for complying with established codes and good practices in this field of expertise, with of course the highest standard of quality and creativity in mind.

An active participant in discussion forums on font design, he is continuously searching for typography solutions that enhance the creative value of design projects. He has the competence and capability to suggest and draw typographic fonts tailored to the needs and nature of organizations and events.

"Font design is promised a shining future. In order to develop to its full potential in a very competitive world, this field of design will need people capable of selling the advantages and importance for companies to own their very own typographic character and identity."

If André Simard is particularly fond of sans serif, slightly condensed fonts with strong personality and easy to read in very small formats, he can draw other typographic styles to suit your needs. He will be more than pleased to discuss it with you. Contact him.

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