Type Designer

During his three-decade career in graphic design, André Simard has dedicated himself to finding the perfect typographic solutions for his clients. In 2005, he began a migration from designing with type, to designing type.

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The ITC Migration Sans suite is available in five weights from a svelte Thin to a robust Black. Each weight is also supported by a cursive italic complement.

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Harfang is a serif typeface easy to read at text sizes, while having a strong personality at larger sizes.

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The generous range of weights and the proportions and details of its several widths give Corbeau an impressive efficiency in text settings and a commanding presence in display.

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Carouge Pro is available in nine weights from the UltraThin to an Ultra Black. Each weight is also supported by a strong personality cursive italic.

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Goosebreak is a family of twelve syllabic fonts designed for Canadian Aboriginal languages.

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Bronsimard is a font family available in twelve font weights, in both normal and italic face. Its harmonious yet highly contrasted design will satisfy your creative needs.

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The large range of weights and the mix of round and square design give Grandheron an awesome flexibility in advertising, magazine or even for the corporative design.

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